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Tudor England

Kings, Queens, Scandals and Desires

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This community is for the discussion of Tudor England. It is for those interested in the period, especially the Tudors themselves, to ask questions and share information. It is a group for those interested in history. Theories based in fact are cool; fiction is not. Review relevant books, link to cool articles, suggest topics of conversation; as long as the dialogue relates to the Tudor period, say from the reign of Henry VIII to Elizabeth I, it's pretty much fair game.

A few rules, however:

1) No Off Topic posts. If you have to preface a post with, "I know this doesn't belong here" or "This is so off topic," don't post it</b>. This is my biggest LJ pet peeve. OT posts will be removed, regardless of content (for instance, a call to rise in support of a political cause may be worth spreading, but this is not the place for it and I will remove it regardless of personal beliefs), and the poster will be banned from this community. It's that simple.
2) No community advertising posts. Sharing information is great, and if you just built a community that is history-focused and you want to spread the word, you can contact grandiosedesire to get permission, but even then the post could not just be an advertisement. Those bug me almost as much as OT posts. I would, however, allow it to be tagged at the end of a general post.
3) No flaming. Everyone has their opinions, but let's be respectful. Disagree without making it personal. It can be done. If you can't do it, you will be removed.
4) No posting high school/college essay questions and asking for input. At my school, that's a violation of the honor code. I can't imagine many academic honor boards would look kindly on such a move, and it disgusts me whenever I see it. Saying "I'm writing a paper on the reason why Mary I is known as Bloody Mary, can anyone point me to some statistics or good accounts of the burnings" is potentially okay, but only if you note your current research and are specific in your requests, which shows that you have done work and you know what you want to say, you just need sources to say it. Plus, that gives the rest of us reading material. However, saying, "I have to write this essay and I have no clue what to do with it. Here's the essay question: -question-. Anyone have any ideas?" is so far from okay I don't have the words. DON'T DO IT. It will be removed and you will be banned.
5) No pointless introduction posts. Introducing yourself is fine, but make the rest of the post relevant. No, "Hi, I'm Jane, I'm 19 and in college, just found this community and stopping to say hi. See ya!" posts. Just no. However, saying, "Hi, I'm Jane, I'm 19 and in college and just found this community. I thought I'd post to say hi and maybe open a discussion on one of the things I find most interesting about the period..." is more than acceptable, it's encouraged.

Otherwise, anything Tudor is open game. This does include relevant others--Lady Jane Grey, for instance, is a welcome topic of discussion. As long as it is in that general time period and relates in some way to the Tudors it's welcome.